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If selected as a potential Intern

If you are successful and selected as a potential intern the following will happen:
  • The host organisation will logon and provide your details as follows:

    • PPS number
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Email and/or Mobile Number

    The above information is required so that we can register you on the system in order to make payments during the internship and to correspond to you throughout your participation on the scheme

    Please note that by providing JobBridge with your email and/or mobile number it will be used by JobBridge to update and contact you while on the scheme.

  • The host organisation will download a Standard Agreement that outlines what will happen during the internship. This must be signed by both you and the host organisation.

  • The host organisation will download an eligibility (UP51C) form.

  • If you are in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/ Jobseekers Benefit/ One Parent Family Payment or Signing for Social Insurance Contribution Credits you must take the eligibility (UP51C) form to your local Social Welfare office for completion.

  • " If you are in receipt of Disability Allowance you must post the eligibility (UP51C) form with a completed DIR PMT 1 form to Social Welfare Services, Department of Social and Family Affairs, Ballinalee Road, Longford, Co. Longford

    If you are eligible, the Social Welfare office/ Social Welfare Services returns (for eligible clients only) the form to JobBridge for processing.

  • The host organisation will be notified by email that the internship can now commence

  • The host organisation must have received this confirmation email from JobBridge before they can contact you to confirm your actual start date for the internship.
  • If you are ineligible will have the form(s) returned to them by the Social Welfare office/Social Welfare Services and you must notify the Host Organisation that you are ineligible to participate on JobBridge.

Start your Internship

  • On the day you start, the host organisation must immediately logon to their JobBridge account and enter the actual start date. It is a requirement of the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and enables them to process the additional €50 per week Internship allowance

  • Each month, the host organisation will logon and update the system as follows:

    • Confirm your attendance in accordance with the Standard Agreement.

    • Confirm that the internship is being delivered as described by the host organisation, in accordance with the Standard Agreement.

    Failure to make the monthly returns may affect the payment of the internship allowance

    Failure to attend for the hours stated in the Standard Agreement may affect the payment of the internship allowance

    Should you have any issues while participating in the scheme please contact us

There are currently 2434 internships available
6625 currently on an Internship

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